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Presidential Eggs

I share a birthday with President Lincoln, which just goes to show that I was destined for great things! He was a great president and great minds think alike! I’m always coming up with these fantastic ideas, and I decided that it would be a great idea to eat some of Lincoln’s favorite foods and write about them in today’s post, seeing as how it was President’s Day yesterday and all. I also thought it would be great to include some of Washington’s favs too!

That was, until I found out what the hell they ate back then! When I researched what foods they ate, it was disappointing to say the least! For one, they didn’t eat any Italian food, which I thought was disgraceful! Then come to find out, they ate food inspired by the French, which was horrible!

I know France sided with America against the British, but did that mean we had to eat their food as thanks?! Besides, when they discovered that they incurred large debts in the process, they turned against us, taking the real gourmands back to the mother country while leaving the poor, bastard French to live in the swamps and we ended up with Creole and Cajun food! At least they created one dish that was worth keeping.

I guess the Italians hadn’t quite made it over in large numbers yet but still, not even ONE pasta dish?! Well, it took me a while to get over that one, but I persevered because I am not a quitter… I’m an Eatie! So I continued my quest to find and eat authentic Presidential food. The problem I encountered was that most of the foods they ate were stuff like mutton, pheasant, wild turkey, gammon, bacon, oysters and eggs. At least for the savouries. For the sweets, they ate cakes, pies, puddings, trifles, jams, and cobblers, which I have no problem with whatsoever, but I wouldn’t eat bacon, gammon, pheasant, or mutton. But I would eat eggs, so at least I discovered something authentic they ate that I could eat. Plus, I could work on the pies, cakes, puddings, trifles, jams and cobblers another time. The other brilliant idea I had, is that I would eat it in a log cabin to give it an even more authentic feel. I even did a butt-kicker hike with some friends beforehand so that I’d have a Presidential-sized appetite! So we made our way over to the only log cabin I know of in the area that serves food: The Old Place in Agoura. It even sounds authentic!

Good advice!

Good advice!

When you enter, it takes a moment for your eyes to adjust, since like a genuine log cabin, it’s dark inside.  As soon as I could see, I realized how cool the place is! There’s a long bar that travels the length of it on one side, and big, wide booths on the other side. It’s decorated old western style to add to the ambiance, with things like deer antlers (probably taken from one that got hit by a big, fat truck speeding down Kanan Road, poor thing!), old-style lanterns, and wall decor with catchy sayings like “Go North”.

A Dry Republican!

We were lucky to get a table since we overheard that the place is super busy all the time. They highly suggest reservations if you want to go there to get supper.  Otherwise, it’s just sit and wait and hope you get fed! Anyway, since I went there specifically for eggs, that’s what I got. I ordered a spinach and goat cheese frittata that’s served in a cast iron skillet, and you can’t get more authentic than that! When my dish came out, it looked so delicious and puffy and golden, but once I started eating it, I found it was really dry. The residual heat from the cast iron skillet kept cooking the eggs after it came off the stove, leaving the dish overcooked. Plus, I kept getting this weird smell from the dish that was not pleasant. Iron skillets can pick up odors easily and even more so if you clean them with detergents, which you aren’t supposed to do.

Plus, there were supposed to be potatoes mixed in with it but I only got three pieces. I was really disappointed because I wanted to like it since it looked so good and I was starving, but I just didn’t. I thought about it though: President Lincoln probably ate overcooked eggs in a smelly iron skillet too, so that made me feel better! I’d probably go back again and try something different. My eating companion’s dishes looked good and they liked it, and the atmosphere is really cool, so I’ll have to give them my vote.

I’m just glad I don’t do theater reviews.

The Old Place

29983 Mulholland Hwy

Agoura, CA


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