A Year Of Bellyaching

It’s official: Clever Girl Eats… is officially one year old! Well, I won’t officially be a year old, my blog will, and it’ll officially be a year old on October 3rd, so not officially today. Wow, a whole year! I feel so mature, so certified, so… so… gosh, I can’t think of the word. Official, maybe?

…anyway, I can’t believe I’ve been writing regularly, every Tuesday, for the past 12 months, since the only thing I’ve ever been able to commit to doing regularly is bashing morons! They deserve it! Anyway, I’ve done it, and I think I’ve actually gotten better at it. Writing, not bashing morons, although I’ve gotten better at that too (either that, or they’ve given me more to work with).

So in celebration of my first year anniversary, I’ve decided to hand the reins over to you, dear reader, and I’ve created a poll for you to take so you can decide what I’m going to eat next. What’s a poll, you ask? It’s that thing I tell people to shove up their…


Poll, not pole.

I have created a question with answers and you just answer the question with an answer I’ve provided according to what you feel matches most closely to what you want your answer to be. Does that make sense? No? Well just answer the goddamned question with one of the answers below!

After that, you can gauge the poll, just like I will, and at the end, you won’t get nearly as much satisfaction as you thought you would, and that’s how a poll is supposed to work! You know, kinda like voting. After the poll has finished, I’ll have to eat whatever the most popular answer is, and write about it. Hey, I might even take video of it!

Now, I’ve put myself out on a limb here and picked dishes I wouldn’t normally eat (Lord, help me…) and the only reason I would subject myself to such horror, is because of ratings. Hopefully, you’ll get as many people in on it as possible, and it won’t be a futile effort on my part. Got it? I’m doing this to garner more followers, not for my health! Oh, and to show my goddamned appreciation.

I’ve also included links to my favorite posts, in no particular order, that you can check out after doing the poll, and you can comment on which one was your favorite. But you don’t have to just choose from my list, you can choose from the entire year’s worth, which will mean that if you have time to look through over 50 posts, you probably need a job.

Anyway, I just want to say thank you for, you know, listening… or reading, or just showing up and maybe getting a laugh or two, or at least an appetite… or belly ache! And if you got none of those things, well, WTF are doing here then?! But tell your friends about it.

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9 thoughts on “A Year Of Bellyaching

  1. Congrats on your one year old blog birthday. Maybe you should go get a messy cupcake and allow you blog to eat it, make a mess and you can post it to Facebook.

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