Two Chicken?

Chicken, mmmm…

I love it, you love it (maybe), most everybody loves it!

Hey, you know what? The word chicken has two meanings; one being food-related, the other being an adjective.

For instance:

FOOD – Damn, the crispy skin on this chicken is so good!

ADJECTIVE – Damn, you’re just too chicken to stop driving your cars until the oil companies are forced to drop their prices!

FOOD – Damn, that’s the best rotisserie chicken I’ve ever had in my life!

ADJECTIVE – Damn, just quit your crummy jobs already and pursue what you really love! Or are you too chicken?

FOOD – Damn, you really have to be a moron to make chicken this dry!

ADJECTIVE/FOOD – Damn, I just hate it when someone calls me a chicken! And why can’t I stop eating all this damn chicken?!

Anyway, I had two separate occasions of craving chicken last week, and there’s this place that I go to get some yummy rotisserie chicken. To be honest though, I haven’t been back there for a while because I got a stomach ache the last two times I ate there, and I wasn’t sure if it was me, since my stomach sometimes plans it’s revenge, or if it was the actual chicken. So I went back and had their crispy, juicy rotisserie chicken, and you know what?

It was their chicken. Damn.

Yes, I wrote them an email and they took it seriously (supposedly), saying that they did an entire investigation (supposedly), and that they couldn’t find anything wrong with their chicken (supposedly), and I told them that I appreciated their efforts (supposedly)…

…but I won’t be going back there.

However, the second place I went to was fantastic, even though it’s waaaay the hell out in the middle of Santa Paula, which is really only a mere 20 miles from where I am, but it’s completely worth it since they have Fried Chicken Tuesdays!

What’s so great about Fried Chicken Tuesdays? Well, doesn’t it sound like a good idea to you? What the hell else are you going to do on a Tuesday night?!

Any resemblance?

Going to this place is like going to a real southern-style, home-style restaurant that you’d find anywhere in places like Louisiana, Georgia and Mississippi! The place even has a southern name: Rabalais’

Just pronounce it with a southern accent right now. Go on, I’ll give you a moment…

Doesn’t that make you wanna eat some southern comfort food?!

Now as you all know, I’m not really into eating southern comfort food since it’s just a lot of heavy, fried, overly-sauced, overly-seasoned poor-man’s food that’s associated with the bastard French, but from what I experienced at Rabalais’, I may have to change my mind (about the food, not the bastard French)!

Anyway, I went with my friend Hawaiian Jan, since you can’t possibly eat southern food alone, and upon our arrival, we were greeted by the friendliest staff that I’ve ever encountered! In fact, everyone was smiling and happy to be there, and the folks that came in behind us were even greeted by their first names, which is real southern-style hospitality (takin’ notes Westlake Village?)! Our server was just the nicest and most helpful gal, and she guided us with the ordering, and the entire time, she had a jolly grin on her face and even talked in the southern vernacular that you’d hear in Louisiana… even though she was from Pasadena!

Y’all hear what I’m sayin’?

Of course we ordered the fried chicken and you can get either the two-piece, or the three-piece dinner and choose two sides to go along with it. I chose the two-piece dark meat with mac ‘n cheese and the veg of the day, which was asparagus. The macaroni was cooked to a perfect al dente, not soggy and overcooked like most other mac ‘n cheeses, and the creamy, velvety sauce was delicious and, well, cheesy! The asparagus was roasted and had this tangy, lemony dressing on it, which played nicely against the creamy mac. The fried chicken was great, although it could have been a lot crispier, but the flavor and juicy tenderness made up for it. Plus, it came with a homemade biscuit, which was great! I just wish it was served hot so the butter could melt into it (I’m always on the hunt for the best biscuits and this could be one of them if they add heat to it)! They also bring you honey and jam on the side, which you can smear all over your biscuit or fried chicken if you want to! HJ let me take a bite of her vinegary, smoky collard greens too, and next to mine, they were the best I’ve tasted!

In true southern fashion, they also have a bakery with all these fantastic desserts, cookies, pies and other delights! I was too stuffed to eat another bite, but HJ got a piece of their coconut bread pudding, and something else that I can’t remember because once I heard the words coconut-bread-pudding, I lost all concentration! She took it home with her so I didn’t get to taste it, but she said it was amazing! I’m going to go back there to get myself some! In fact, by the time you’re sitting down reading this, I’ll be eating my fried chicken and bread pudding with a big jolly grin on my face!

Now go out there, get yourself some good ol’ southern fried chicken, then go do something to change yourself or the world!

Or are you too chicken?


861 E. Main Street

Santa Paula, CA


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2 thoughts on “Two Chicken?

  1. richiew13

    I got the answer to my question: “Are there people who actually choose the dark meat?”

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