Hot Tub Bean Dip

What’s the best thing to do after a long and grueling hike? Indulge in some cheap eats and/or alcohol of course, and the group I was hiking with decided we should do just that! One of our fellow hikers recommended a Mexican place in the Valley (the San Fernando, not the Connayo) and she said that it’s the best-kept secret because every time she mentions it, nobody’s heard of it! She said they have the best Mexican in the entire Valley! Strong words I thought, since there are millions of ‘em…

Mexicans… restaurants I mean, so to make that claim was pretty bold!

Now before we even got to the place, I was anticipating my usual regret-ache from the Mexican food since every single time I eat it, I get one, which you can read about here. But some heavy, fried, flour-ey, cheesy, oniony, bean-ey, spicy food sounded so good, I just resigned myself to the fact that I would enjoy it now and regret it later like usual. So we headed over to Los Toros in Chatsworth!

Well this is the busiest best-kept secret I’ve ever been to; it’s packed! There were people everywhere thoroughly enjoying themselves and they all seemed to have known about the place for a long time, which tells me that I need to get the hell out of the Connayo more often. We made our way to the bar area to enjoy some Margaritas until we could get a table, and on the server’s suggestion, decided to order pitchers of Margaritas since there were nine of us and it would be more cost-effective, which I thought was very smart…

…at first.

Because c’mon, did we really need pitchers of Margaritas? As you know, Clever Girl does not handle her alcohol very well since she’s a complete lightweight and for her to try to tackle more than one Margarita, would be like talking about herself in the third person: completely unnecessary!

Los Toros’ Margaritas are pink, not that pretty light green color, and when I asked the sever why, he said because they’re made with a secret family recipe… pink lemonade? splash of cranberry? water flown in from Mexico? They were really delicious and really refreshing, and I kept taking little sips of it from the salted rim of my glass, but the best part of this place, was this amazing bean dip that they bring for you to eat with your chips while you enjoy your Margarita.

Supposedly, this is part of the reason people flock to this place and now I know why; it was the best bean dip I’ve ever had in my life! This stuff is addictive! We started passing this bowl of bean dip around our huddled group so that everyone could get a taste of it. Then we decided it would be better if we took turns holding the bowl of bean dip in the middle so we could all get our chips into it, instead of waiting for it to come back around, and I kept wanting to be the bean dip holder.

But not because I was greedy and wanted to stuff my face with the stuff! It was so I wouldn’t have a free hand to pick up my Margarita, because the shit was really strong! So strong, that my head was really starting to buzz after just a few sips, and then, as I sat there holding the bowl of bean dip, it started to get bigger… and bigger…

…and bigger,

Slip right in!

Slip right in!

until it became as big as a hot tub…


All of a sudden, I was immersing myself into this big bowl of hot, creamy dip, with the smooth texture and smoky flavor, and it felt so good, I started to smear the stuff all over my body while the warmth of it rose up to my head… where the Margarita I was drinking had completely taken over, and then I started to lick the bean dip off in long slurps with my giant tongue and everyone in the bar stopped what they were doing to watch me and…


Well, that was the best hot tub experience I’ve ever had in my life, I can tell you!

It turns out that Los Toros had been voted “Best of L.A. Viewer’s Choice”, so it couldn’t possibly be that much of a secret! But then again, all you have to do is drink a couple of their Margaritas and you’ll completely forget about where the place is! Luckily I have my hot tub time machine that’ll take me back to where it all started.

Los Toros

21743 Devonshire

Chatsworth, CA


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6 thoughts on “Hot Tub Bean Dip

  1. Deb

    Love that place!

  2. Bean dip and margaritas…sounds like a great afternoon to me.

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