Clever Girl Cooks…

Chicken Ex-Husband


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16 thoughts on “Clever Girl Cooks…

  1. Richie

    After splatting that raw chicken on the counter you may need a hazmat team to clean up your friend’s kitchen of salmonella.

  2. Victor

    First one! But I want to see what the 500 degree, 5 hour cook job looks like and, more importantly, I want to see you savor the fruits of your labor …. I think you need to do this in a follow up!

  3. Deb

    You are so funny! I vote for the 1st one.

  4. First one. I agree w Victor. Part 2 next week!

  5. leighg

    2nd one! They are both great though….you scare me Katya!:)

  6. Donna

    Wow you do look a little scary!!! I like both actually they are pretty funny.

  7. Glad you weren’t making sausage and meat balls! That could have gotten ugly with the knife, Lorena Bobbitt

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