Nice Looking, Bread Pudding

So I was riding my bike the other morning and I noticed that it was taking a lot more effort than usual to peddle and I was thinking that maybe I had eaten too much bread pudding the night before.  Well, I looked down at my back tire and it was flat like a pancake, so there I was, stuck in the middle of my ride! Now at this point you’re probably thinking “Well, why wouldn’t she carry a flat-tire repair kit?” and in my mind I’m thinking “Now why would I get a flat tire?” Anyway, back to the bread pudding. I got it from N’awlinz Bistro in Newbury Park. This tiny place serves up traditional Southern cuisine; dishes like Jambalaya, Gumbo and fried stuff. But I don’t really like to eat that kind of food since it’s associated with the poor, bastard French, so I skipped the formalities and went straight for dessert!

Murder on the waistline

Their bread pudding comes in a big, thick piece that’s really enough for only one person since you wouldn’t want to share it or anything. It’s moist and dense and pudding-ey and they add just the right amount of cinnamon, which I normally don’t like in my desserts, but it fits perfectly in the context of bread, sugar, cream, eggs and rum! Then they drizzle the top with glistening, homemade rum syrup! They also add chocolate ganache, sprinkle nuts around the plate, and finish it off with real fake whipped cream from the can. Personally, I think they should skip the rigamarole and only add a big, fat dollop of real whipped cream…

…and more rum syrup maybe. Actually, the only thing that would make this dish better would be to add some raisins to it…

…and soak the raisins in rum first.

Beary Manilow

Anyway, back to my flat tire. I had to text my friend Debs The Cab Driver to come get me and my bike. Debs has been my go-to ride whenever I need one, which happens to be quite often for some reason. So she texted me back, and not only did she say she would come pick me up, she apologized because it was going to take her a little while to get there! Now there’s someome who understands how valuable my time is! Since I had some time to kill, I decided to walk down to the corner where she could easily fetch me. Well she finally gets there and we load up my bike and off we go, and I’m telling her that on my walk to the corner, all these folks in SUVs were whizzing right past me, not even stopping to offer me a ride! I mean, it was clear that I was in need of help and I looked really nice, not like a serial killer or anything. I was wearing a bright pink top, cute bike shorts, and even had Beary Manilow, my mascot, hanging off of my backpack so why wouldn’t someone stop to help? Well Debs agreed and said that she would stop for me because I looked nice, and we sat in silence at the stop light for a moment, then I turned to her and said “Ted Bundy was nice looking.”

N’Awlinz Bistro

3321-C Kimber Drive

Newbury Park, CA


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