Just A Coffee

If I say I’m gonna do something, 95% of the time I do it. So when I said I was giving up caffeine for good, I meant 95% of what I’d said. That was, until I passed by Just Coffee on Thousand Oaks Blvd. I was slowly cruising along in my car after a week of being caffeine free, and I couldn’t help but notice the smell of their freshly roasted beans wafting into my open window, and it made my stomach ask my brain “So, what was the reason you gave up caffeine again?” Personally, I think the smell of coffee happens to be one of the most divine essenses that one’s nostrils could inhale.  That, and a newborn baby’s breath (after it’s eaten a slice of bacon). So the 5% of me that can’t commit decided to pull over to get-a-friggin’-cappuccino-already-and-what-the-hell took-me-so-long?!

Just Coffee is located on a busy part of T.O. Blvd. between Bull Clothing Store (never got that name) and the car wash on the corner, which happens to offer you a free car wash on your birthday (don’t tell them I told you).You really can’t miss the place anyway since it’s sign is orange, a strange color for a place that sells coffee, (but no stranger than say, green). The shop has got a sixties vibe to it with it’s mod interior of cool laquer accents, giant hanging globe lights and orange and white color scheme. I never thought I’d end up craving a cappuccino from a place that looked like it was a set in a Mike Myer’s flick, but I do now.

Yeah, baby!

Yeah, baby!

When I walked inside, I realized that it wasn’t a movie set, I really was in a Mike Myer’s flick!! Okay, no I wasn’t. But I’ve always wanted to look like Elizabeth Hurley in Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery, and I figured this was going to be the closest I would ever get. So the man behind the counter asked if I’d ever been in before and I replied in a British accent “Why no Austin, I haven’t.” and he gave me the weirdest look and said “Uh, my name isn’t Austin”. So I quickly told him never mind and asked him to please make me a whole milk cappuccino right away. It’s $3.45 for a regular cappuccino, so it costs a bit more than the “other” coffee place with it’s green logo, but it’s sooooo much better. In fact, it completely blows it out of the water! I happen to think that the “other” place’s coffee tastes burned. Yep, there, I said it. Plus, get this: for that price, you get a double cappuccino!… and, there was no line at Just Coffee!… and, there wasn’t any skinny bitch in front of me at the register asking for a fat-free double capp with no foam at 110˚!!! HEY, I happen to like FULL FAT milk in my cappuccino because that’s how they’re MEANT to be enjoyed, and I know this because I’m ITALIAN and we INVENTED the cappuccino, NOT the green logo people from Seattle who THINK they did!!!

Whew, I feel so much better! Jeez, I can’t figure out if it’s because I’m back on caffeine or not.

Just Coffee

3297 Thousand Oaks Blvd.

Thousand Oaks, CA


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One thought on “Just A Coffee

  1. Debbie

    I don’t think I could function without caffeine. I sooo look forward to my cup of coffee in the morning..waking up to the smell of it and then dumping half and half and sugar in it. It’s like dessert in the morning! I’ll have to check out Just Coffee..it’s close to work.

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