My, What Big… Wings You Have!

We went to Hooters on the suggestion of one of my old co-workers, Glen. Glen always says that he really only goes there for the chicken wings because they make the best. Sure. In any case, I had to go there to see, I mean eat, for myself. I’m no chicken wing aficionado since I’m not really into that type of snack food, and Glen really knows his chicken wings since he’s such a big fan of ‘em, so off we went. Hooters is quite noticeable from the street with it’s iconic orange sign and retro, swinging patio chairs, so you’d have a hard time missing it. I guess Hooters has really taken off around this family orientated town, which was surprising since there was such an uproar about its even coming here in the first place. Some would say they didn’t want “that kind” of restaurant in their little town (liars). Others would say they want it here because they make the best chicken wings (liars).

Hoo knew?!

Upon arrival, I noticed lots of guys streaming in with glazed looks in their eyes and stupid grins on their faces, but I couldn’t tell you why.  Anyway when you walk inside, it’s really quite impressive because everything is just so BIG! We sat down at a bar table and a nice young lady came over to take our order. I tried very hard not to stare at the menu. Since Glen was our host, he ordered for us and as I sat in anticipation of my first tasting of the famous Hooters’ chicken wings, I took a look around the place. There were lots of wide-screen t.v.s, so no matter where you sat, you’d see what was on, whether you wanted to or not. The place was pretty full and quite loud so we could barely hear ourselves talk, which was a drawback since everyone likes to hear what I have to say. After a reasonable amount of time, our wings came. We got the regular breaded wings, and the super spicy garlic wings. Each platter came with some crunchy celery sticks and either Blue Cheese or Ranch dressing. Whew! The spicy garlic ones are no joke, but they had plenty of flavor once you got past the heat. I think we all preferred the regular ones though. The wings came out really hot so I burned myself trying to eat one, but once it cooled down, I was able to gently grasp the tip with my fingers, wrap my lips around the juicy morsel, then gently nibble and suck on it while savoring the cool, creamy dip mixed with hot, spicy…


Anyway, it tasted just fine to me. I had about five myself, which I thought was impressive and I washed them all down with an ice-cold beer from the tap. Hmm, maybe Glen was right about them having the best wings after all, and as I sat there enjoying my beer, I thought to myself “So this is what it feels like to be a man”.

401 N. Moorpark Rd.
Thousand Oaks, CA

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9 thoughts on “My, What Big… Wings You Have!

  1. Debbie

    Love their fried pickles!

  2. irv

    I am enjoying your writing style. You certainly have a way with words…

  3. Jennifer

    I am really enjoying your posts. They always make me laugh:)

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